What is Bau Lime?

Bau Lime is an innovative solution to citrus in cocktails. Created for hospitality, we have carefully broken down and extracted the flavours of fresh limes into two shelf stable parts that can be combined and diluted to create a perfect replication of fresh lime juice, just without the stress of sourcing and squeezing them all yourself!

How does it work?

It couldn’t be more simple, just combine the two parts in a bottle, top up with water and shake. Voila! Lime!

Why use it?

Bau Lime is shelf stable so you make up what you need as you go, massively reducing wastage.

Once mixed it has a 5 day lifetime, more than twice that of fresh lime.

We process and extract more flavours than you can by juicing limes so each lime goes further, saving on cost and emissions.

Bau Lime is cost competitive so simply put, higher profits!


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